Double Cylinder Computerized Socks Machine

Zs DC - 1F (Fully Computerized (double Cylinder) Power Socks Knitting Machine)
  • Fully Electronic Control weaving system, non-roller.
  • Driven by Servo Motor , stepless speeding regulating.
  • Adjust yarn tension and weaving density by stepping motor.
  • Sensing device is able to auto-protect, minimize the Damage when there is breakdown
  • Kepping high speed running to imrove the inner cam.
  • Lines leading shuttle and cam switch are electro pneumatic controlled
  • Auto oil feeder system
  • Complete alarm system when neelde break, line break needle tip break, electronic breakdown etc.
  • Yarn changing unit, 6 colours are available.
  • Y- Shape heel is available.
  • Equipped with the UPS system can memory the current program and knitting action if transience power off.
  • When the power restored, it can continue knitting to avoid any loss or waste.
  • Password - protection for parameter setup, to avoid the inadvertent change or unallowed modification, improve the reliability and safety.
  • Avaiilable in 220V/415V and 50/60 Hz.
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