Single Cylinder Computerized Socks Knitting Machine

Zxi-6F Fully Compiterized (Terry/Plain) Power Socks Knitting Machine
  • All Materials of needles system is adopted the technology of Japan, and have a good stability, wearable
  • Drumless, fully computer control
  • Electro-pneumatic yarn finger and cam control
  • Stepping motor for e;astic yarn and stitch cam control
  • The double picks, the double lift needle to beat a heel, can knit Y Heel
  • Automatic stop by a sensor when ever error occurs
  • One main feeder + 5 Pattern feeders ( 1+13 colour )
  • Equipped the UPS machine can keep the memory of program and the knitting action if transient electric power cut happed, when the power restored, machine can continue the knitting
  • Knitting can be operated through keyboard and LCD
  • The fog form of needle tube is even to provide oil, reducing fabric greasy dirt
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